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New research reveals size of Europe’s ‘go-now’ sector

April 3, 2022

“go-now” air cargo flights

New research has revealed the size of the European “go-now” air cargo sector in what has been an unpredictable period for urgent flights.
The research, conducted by carrier AVEM AERO utilising Eurocontrol and FlightRadar24 data, shows that the average number of monthly flights for one carrier ranged from seven to 80, with the large range explained by the fact that some carriers do not specialise in urgent flights and do them from time to time.#nbsp;#nbsp;

In 2021, 17 European ‘go now’ carriers took 9301 flights (by flight legs) including empty positioning and repositioning flights. This is the EUROCONTROL and Flightradar24 open data analyzed by AVEM AERO. The average monthly number of flights for one carrier ranged from 7 to 80. Such a large gap can be explained by the fact that some carriers are not specializing in urgent flights and do them from time to time.#nbsp;#nbsp;

An urgent carrier's average fleet size is 2 planes, with the largest fleet having 8 planes.#nbsp;

The most frequently used aircraft for urgent transportation is the SAAB 340: 8 operators decided to incorporate 19 aircraft of this type in their fleets last year. Other popular types, such as the Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner, Cessna F406 Caravan II, and the Cessna 208 Caravan, are more than twice as less frequent as the SAAB 340.

The busiest month of the year for the ad hoc freighters was December, with 1,202 flights (including positioning and repositioning flights), made by the analyzed companies.

Birmingham was the most demanded European airport in the urgent segment, and Győr-Pér is the second.
The Leipzig-Birmingham route turned out to be the most loaded by ‘go now’ carriers in 2021.

Nikolay Kurbanov, Founder and Managing Director of AVEM AERO: “From the beginning of the pandemic our segment of special ‘go now’ carriers suffers from the chips and semiconductors shortage, which significantly slowed down the auto production. The market demand is extremely uneven. In the first half of 2021, our company grew by 38% in flights compared to 2019. The autumn, on the contrary, was almost dead, and only antifragility allowed our business to survive. Doing the best to go through these times we expanded our business to other types of services, for example, launched FD/OCC outsource service.”#nbsp;

Olga Vaganova

Olga Vaganova

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