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AVEM AERO launched FD/OCC outsource service

November 29, 2021

FD/OCC outsource service

The carrier AVEM AERO has launched a Flight Dispatch and Operations Control Center service available to airlines worldwide. The flight planning includes OFP calculation, clearances and landing permits, flight monitoring, ATC flight plan filing, WX and NOTAM provision, slots, handling, fuel and hotel arrangements, aircraft performance and runway analysis.#nbsp;

Experts consider that the market situation is changing rapidly, with passenger flights on the rise. EUROMONITOR Data Snapshot shows that business aviation is currently up 29% on 2019 levels; IATA reported air travel recovery and its Business Confidence Survey prognoses that passenger operations will increase over the next twelve months. The aviation market is recovering, and due to rising and uneven demand, many airlines feel the need for additional OCC support. The outsourcing of dispatch functions is a substantial optimization of daily costs compared to in-house solutions.#nbsp;

Being the urgent cargo charters operator with 3-year experience and focus on work with air flights risks, AVEM AERO has the necessary tools and expertise. A team of 10 aviation professionals will help airlines companies coordinate flights on the high level up to post-flight care. The service is to help mitigate the issue of staff shortage, partially due to the pandemic fluctuation.#nbsp;

Estonia-based charter, cargo, and passenger flights operator NyxAir became a launch customer of the service. The testing period started 1 April 2021 and served 4269 flights.

Jaanus Ojamets, CEO of NyxAir says: “The service covered our need for qualified personnel and let us increase our dispatch and flight planning capability. AVEM AERO was the contact for any related authorities for short and long-term regular programs on NyxAir's growing fleet. This brought together our level of experience and expertise and allowed us to focus on charter program expansion.”

“The experiences of our 10 quick-thinking pros help them understand the industry's needs and withstand any pressure. Training, attitude, and help from our digital system are key to quality FP/OCC service that gives full control over the executed operations. We are glad that we can help airlines and support their flights in times of uncertainty,” — Managing Director of AVEM AERO Nikolay Kurbanov says.

Olga Vaganova

Olga Vaganova

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